Home Made Sandwiches

Served on white or multi grain bloomer with a dressed salad garnish and salted crisps  (or toasted for an additional 50p).

Mature cheddar cheese and homemade chutney  £5.50

Cream cheese and smoked salmon  £5.95

Bacon, lettuce and tomato  £5.95

Homemade coronation chicken  £5.95

Brie, tomato and basil  £5.95

Tuna, mayonnaise and cucumber £5.50

Hand cooked gammon ham  £5.50

Free range egg mayonnaise and watercress  £5.50

Hummus and avocado  £5.75

Prawns in a tomato mayonnaise  £5.95

Bacon and mature stilton  £5.95

Add a cup of homemade soup for an extra £1.00